Mirza Muhasilovic

Mirza Muhasilović

Mirza Muhasilović - A Distinguished Architect, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Meet Mirza Muhasilović, a renowned architect, entrepreneur, and educator with a diverse and illustrious career spanning decades. Born with a passion for architecture and a drive for excellence, Mirza has left an indelible mark on the industry through his innovative designs, successful business ventures, and commitment to education. Let's delve into his remarkable journey and contributions to the field of architecture and beyond.

Early Life and Education:
Mirza Muhasilović was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, and developed an early fascination with architecture. He pursued his dreams by enrolling at Sarajevo University's Faculty of Architecture, where he obtained his Dipl. Ing. in Architecture. Throughout his academic journey, Mirza demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication to the craft, setting the stage for a promising career in the field.

Architectural Career:
After completing his studies, Mirza embarked on an impressive architectural journey. He gained invaluable experience working with esteemed firms both in Turkey and abroad. His work on large-scale projects, such as the Diplomatic residential quarter in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and the Oil Company HQ in Tashkent, showcased his architectural prowess and earned him recognition among international developers.

Notable Achievements:
Mirza's contributions to the architectural community extend beyond design work. He played a crucial role as the Director of Triland Development in Sarajevo, overseeing significant real estate development projects. His leadership and financial acumen led to the successful completion of projects like the Alta Shopping Mall, Triland Office Centre, and Kosevska Hills residential complex, collectively valued at over US$60 million.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:
Apart from his architectural endeavors, Mirza ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding TAKA International and later establishing PAM Group in Sarajevo. Both ventures showcased his expertise in investment management and business consultancy. These companies became renowned for their strategic insights and ability to drive growth, making a substantial impact on the regional business landscape.

Teaching and Mentoring:
Recognizing the importance of education, Mirza also dedicated a portion of his career to teaching and mentoring the next generation of architects. He served as an Expert Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at IUS International University Sarajevo, imparting his vast knowledge and experiences to aspiring architects.

Community Engagement and Awards:
Mirza's commitment to his community and the architectural profession did not go unnoticed. He actively participated in various architectural competitions and received recognition for his designs, including the Sarajevo Children Memorial and the Organization of Islamic Conference Jeddah headquarters building. His involvement in professional associations and publications showcased his dedication to advancing the field.


Throughout his distinguished career, Mirza Muhasilović has received numerous awards and recognitions for his exceptional contributions to the field of architecture, business, and community service. His dedication to excellence and innovative approach have garnered him esteemed accolades, showcasing his remarkable achievements and impact on various sectors.

1. Third Prize, the conceptual design of the "Velešići" sports and recreational zone in Sarajevo. The zone is being developed by the municipality of Novo Sarajevo and will include a park, sports fields, and other recreational facilities. The project was selected as the 3rd winner of the competition for the development of Japanese Gardens Park as the solution for the Sports-Recreational Zone Velešić (2021).

2. Design Competition for Sarajevo Children Memorial in CBD of Sarajevo (2007)
As an esteemed architect, Mirza participated in the Design Competition for Sarajevo Children Memorial, a significant project that holds deep emotional and historical significance. His outstanding design proposal earned him recognition and a shared prize for his thoughtful and poignant contribution to the memorial's creation.

3. International Design Competition for Organization of Islamic Conference Jeddah headquarters building (2006)
In this prestigious international design competition, Mirza's architectural expertise shone through once again. His design for the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Jeddah headquarters building earned him the second prize, solidifying his reputation as a talented and creative architect on a global scale.

4. Yugoslavian Architectural Competition for School Design (1985)
Early in his career, while studying at Sarajevo University's Faculty of Architecture, Mirza participated in the Yugoslavian Architectural Competition for School Design. His exceptional collaborative efforts led to a shared second prize for the Skopje University School Design, demonstrating his talent and potential even at the beginning of his architectural journey.

Mirza Muhasilović journey from a talented architecture student to a successful entrepreneur, educator, and influential figure in the industry is nothing short of inspiring. His architectural masterpieces, astute business acumen, and passion for education have left a lasting impact on the architectural community and beyond. Mirza's legacy continues to inspire the next generation of architects to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design and development. 

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